Life is often a struggle when it comes to finding balance between work, school, and family life. There's a huge need for individuals to spend time taking care of themselves, which has decreased immensely since the COVID-19 pandemic which has left millions of people in fear around the world.

Self care is essential for increasing productivity, happiness, and health. Here are some fun suggestions from Alley and Rae to incorporate soul fulfilling tasks into a routine. 

1. Listen to an audible or read a book before going to bed. 

Humans are spending more time on their screens more than ever before, which has increased anxiety levels. By turning off a phone or device before hitting the bed, it gives the mind a chance to reach a peaceful state before resting. Some book suggestions could include these self help novels: Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins, Warrior Goddess Training: Become the Woman You Are Meant to Be by Heather Ash Amara, and The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. 

2. Journaling while drinking a cup of tea/coffee in the morning. 

There is great value in reflection and goal making through the form of writing. By taking the time to put feelings down on paper, it provides the opportunity to reach a deeper connection between mind and spirit. Whether it's a cup of Starbucks or a store purchased tea box, there's nothing calmer than a warm cup. 

3. Eliminate all clutter from the living space and environment is used the most. 

When items are out of order in the home, it can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. The ability to have a zen, simplified, and minimal living area it might be beneficial for those who struggle with feeling at peace while at home. During the pandemic, it's the PERFECT time to sort through items that do not matter. 

4. Take a bath and grab a face mask 

Perhaps it was obvious, but skin care is a complete must in this world! There's already enough problems, and the last issue that needs to be involved is unhealthy skin. There are tons of esthetician tips online for skin care, and using a face mask is definitely encouraged. Possibly grab a glass of wine, that is drank in an Alley and Rae cup?!? #Surviving2020 

5. Exercise & eat healthy during this pandemic! 

Increasing immunity during this health emergency would be a great way to prevent sickness. Instead of going to the gym (which may or may not be open) encourage yourself to use online resources like YouTube that can provide in home workouts without equipment if it's not available. There are also many fitness influencers online such as Whitney Simmons which offer great advice for nutrition and sets. 

While there are TONS of ways to find soul nourishing activities, everyone's journey is unique. By taking the time to consider ways to incorporate mindfulness into life, it's a great step in the right direction. Tag Alley & Rae on Instagram with your own personal ideas for how to remain happy during this pandemic! #StaySafe #StayHealthy #AlleyandRae. 



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Giving Back Virtually

Giving Back Virtually